Weapon UK-Ghosts Of War

cover WEAPON UK - Ghosts Of War .jpg

Weapon UK, are one of the legends of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, their new album is going to be a trend setter with grooves to hit you in the face.

“Ghosts of War,” is a strong opening number. It gallops and thrives forcing through the differentials and ensuring the listener is hooked completely on the melodies. “Queen Of The Ride,” thunders down and develops some amazing speed and personal growth through the melodies and direction. “Redman,” begins slowly with a key chordal arrangement that delivers an emphasis and a strong message of what is to come. As the song progresses it turns into a monster and gets the goat. “Sea of Hope,” is monstrous it shapes the narrative, and twists and turns into something dark and heavy through the tone of the rhythmic work. “Emerald God,” is simply epic galloping through the grounds and the bounds of time. “Tournique,” shifts around and brings some sauntering melodies and some fascinating harmonies.

“All I Need,” is anthemic, and shifts the focus through several strands of pain and agony to deliver the ultimate blues tribute. “Hell On Earth,” delivers a thunderous groove to ensure that the listeners know where the hook has come from. “’79 Revisited,” is a call to the past with the massive change in the world. “Set The Stage Alight,” moves with thunderous applause and grace.  “G.O.W Reprise,” melodic and symphonic and the perfect way to end the album.

The album is out on September 27th.

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