Elvenking-Reader Of The Runes: Divination


They are one of the greatest bands to emerge out of Italy, and are a big hit on the folk and power metal circuit. Elvenking return with their brand new album, a surefire to get the people going.

“Perthro,” is slow, haunting and different, a discordant chord in the night of energy and chaos, sounding like something that might feature in ‘The Last Kingdom,” it sets the scene nicely. “Heathen Divine,” takes things forward several notches. The instrumental work is simply flawless, whilst the vocal melodies bring some serious punch to the fore. “Divination,” is a serious metal rocker, bringing with it the elements of a great metal song and something that will definitely go down as a fan favourite. “Silverseal,” another bounding song that having been the lead single, sets the tone nicely, it is a middle song that will get the crowds singing. “The Misfortune of Virtue,” is awesome. A song filled with melodies and hooks for days, it keeps the listener going and hooked from the moment it begins. “Eternal Eleanor,” slows things down a little, showing off the folk elements within the band, soothing the heart a little, whilst also setting the listener up for what is to come.

“Diamonds In The Night,” is another epic folk song that gets the heart racing, to ensure complete power is in the hands of the listener and the band are merely the guide son this great journey. “Under The Sign Of A Black Star,” increases in heaviness, and produces another anthemic melody line to ensure the listener is hooked. “Malefica Doctrine,” is pure speed and pace, a song that will start many a mosh pit. “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” gallops through the world and brings about some interesting melodical divergences. “Warden Of The Bane,” has some sick hooks and riffs driving things through. Reader Of The Runes: Book 1,” is simply epic. A song that contains all the elements, it has soft starts, heavy middles and a damn good vocal line that hooks everyone in.

The album is out on 30th August via AFM Records.

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