Astralium-Land Of Eternal Dreams

Astralium 004.jpg

“Remembrance,” sets the tone quite nicely for the rest of the album, soft with dramatic flourishes, setting the scene. “The Journey,” is bold and bombastic, taking the time to really get going. It snaps through the wind and brings with it a sense of almost ridiculous joy. “Rising Waves From The Ocean,” is a riff monster. It takes you by the balls and never lets go for the duration, taking you on a simply epic journey. “My Life Is My Eternity,” shifts through the ropes and the wind. Slowly bringing things together, and shifting the pace quite nicely. “Hope Is Gone,” takes one look at the sky, and brings the thunder. It allows the listener to get a sense of the bombasity of everything. “Breath of My Soul,” slows things right down, enabling some measure of reflection and thought.

“A Dream’s Elegy,” takes the wind through and growls the point, ensuring the listener knows just where to look. “Seven Seas, Seven Winds,” is bombastic, dramatic and downright epic. It fits right in with the epic symphonic metal songs on the rest of the record, and enables a genuine thought on the matter. “Ethereal Voices From The Forest,” slowly winds its way into being, bringing some subtle hints, here and there, changing the world and ensuring the listener is deeply hooked. “The World Of Unknown,” takes the time to bring the edge, focusing on a changing degree of madness and insanity, and making it its own. “Hidden Conspiracy,” slowly winds its way into the listener’s very being. Showing them what might be and what might come. Delivering a punch whilst they obsess.

The album is out on 23rd August via Rockshots Records.

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