Spread Eagle-Subway To The Stars

SPREAD EAGLE subway to the stars COVER.jpg

“Subway To The Stars,” is thunderous, a raucous opener and one that is sure to live on in people’s memories much after the album’s release. “29th of February,” continues the onslaught, indeed, it goes all out, bringing the hammer down quite firmly and precisely. “Sound of Speed,” shifts the tone, rocking out with precise heaviness and growth. “Dead Air,” grows with anticipation before smashing out into the open. “Grand Scam,” moves with brutality and efficiency. “More Wolf Than Lamb,” rocks hard and free, with a brutal riff, and a melody that would impress all the greats.

“Cut Through,” takes the lead here, shifting through the tempo and bringing something new and dark to the fore. “Little Serpentina,” is dark and hovering, something that the band can be sure will get people singing along to when performed live. “Antisocial Butterfly,” takes things to a new level, shifting the limits of acceptability, and bringing about some new melody hooks as it goes. “Gutter Rhymes for Valentines,” takes things to an interesting line here and there, shifting the tone about. “Solitaire,” slows things down and gets bluesy and reflective. A nice finish.

The album is out on 9th August via Frontiers Music.

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