Soleil Moon-Warrior


“’72 Camaro,” starts the album off nicely, bringing in some gentle shifts and melodical prompts to get the listener really thinking. “Here For You,” takes a nice twist and turn, bringing in some fascinating changes, and a little bit of reminiscing. “You and I,” rocks out, with some subtle riff stomps and a changing clangour that brings the audience to its feet. “Just So You Know,” another song that takes things to the limit and then pushes further. Brilliantly executed. “Can’t Go On,” biting and shifting through the strands, and allowing for a nice little bite and rest. “Halfway to Nowhere,” is reflecting and thoughtful.

“How Long,” a rocker with the filtering through of the pain and doubt that allows for a truly great classic to be forged. “Nothing Matters,” bites and shifts, turning the tail and allowing for a great escape once more through the pain of doubt and sorrow. “When I’m With You,” goes big and hard on the arrangements and comes out somewhat shifting. “Before The Rainbow,” reflective and thoughtful. “Warrior,” aggressive and determined, the kind of song to get one pumped in the morning. “420,” fun loving and a change.

The album is out on 9th August via Frontiers Music.

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