Roxy Blue-Roxy Blue

ROXY BLUE cover.jpg

“Silver Lining,” is ballsy and to the point, bringing with it an added edge of rock n roll pleasure. “Rockstar Junkie,” shifts into gear with a ballsy riff and a turntail melody. “Scream,” slows things down and then brings out the energy and the rage. “Collide,” is another acoustic rocker that really brings through to the fore and ensures everything is a twisting nicely. “Outta The Blue,” amps it up another several notches, taking things to their logical extend on the heaviness front. “Blinders,” slows things down and brings about the vocals to the fore and the centre, ensuring we’re back into business.

“Til The Well Runs Dry,” another ominous song that really gets things going. “Human Race,” rocks shit out, slowly bringing the thunder and twisting the pages here and there for good measure. “How Does It Feel,” turns the dials up another several notches and then brings them down again for good measure. “What It’s Like,~” another blinding rocker. “Overdrive,” kicks things off into gear once more and is a perfect finisher.

The album is out on 9th August via Frontiers Music.

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