Ice Vinland-Asgard Steel

“Reign of Gods,” is a call to arms, and a defying chant that ensures the listener immediately sits up. “Asgard’s Hymn,” comes in with a barrelling riff and melody that joins together and shifts through the wind. “All Together,” moves through the wind, slowly bringing the wind to a halting procession, as the melodies combine to bring something burning and precise to the fore. “Devilish Road,” is another haunting monster. With a huge riff presence and a shredding melody floating about and around. “Patriot’s Song,” slowly winds its way through into the listener’s conscious, it ensures that the listener knows where to turn and twist. The melodies are phenomenal.

“The Greek Present,” is dark and foreboding. Haunting on the edge, and clerical through the pathways of time. “Age of Steel,” is a galloping monster, ensuring that the listener is hooked immediately. The dance for destruction begins. “Valhalla Gates,” rips and roars, slowly bringing about the end of days and time. “One Day We Shall Be Free,” is an anthemic portion that delivers a maximised precise tool of chaos.

The album is out August 30th.

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