BILLY SHERWOOD- Citizen: In The Next Life


“The Partisan,” takes things onto a new level, with the car and slow bluesy shred which leads into something new and entertaining. “Sophia,” is slow and builds up into something new and fascinating. “Monet,” keeps things grounded and interesting. “Skywriter,” takes things down an interesting path, shifting through the wind and snaking in one or two lessons here and there. “We Shall Ride Again,” is enthusiastic and downright bountiful.

“Via Hawking,” is a slow build and when it gets there, boy is there some serious pay off. “By Design,” takes a moment and then grows into something bold and bombastic. “Sailing The Seas,” shifts through the turning wind. “Mata Hari,” is a grower. “Hold Quite,” keeps things interesting, harmonising on the main.

The album is out on 12th July via Frontiers Records.

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