Helligators-Hell III

“Rebellion,” is a riff snake. It carefully weaves its way through the depths and comes out with fuzz and a growling snake tone. “Here To Stay,” is a monster riffer, taking charge and bringing about some fascinating changes with the tempo and melodies. “Bleeding,” is another monster riffer, that charges right through custom and brings out the heaviness. “Where I Belong,” slows things down a little, before twisting the edge just that little bit to make it all alright. “Born Again,” speeds things up once more, delivering a careful hammering. “The Prison,” snakes out and delivers a kick in the teeth.

“Gone,” slows things down a tad, to ensure the full epicness of the heaviness is unveiled. “Until I Feel No More,” is a groover, that moves in all the right places, taking a turn and twisting the edge just that extra bit. “Bassthard Session III,” slows right down and delivers some chilling movements. “Even From The Grave,” rocks the house down and shifts it out. “Pedal To The Metal,” takes names, some serious names.

The album is out now.

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