Visigoth Interview


On Sunday night, Visigoth played a headline set at The Moth Club, and before that gig, I got the chance to interview them.

  1. How have the songs from the new album been received?

“Quite well, they’re quite popular. There are about three or four songs that are mandatory to be in our sets such as “Steel and Silver,” “Traitor’s Gate,” “Outlive Them All,” so yeah definitely very popular.

2. What’s your favourite song to play live?

“As a band it varies. Either “Traitor’s Gate,” or “Outlive Them All,” or “Dungeon Master,” or “The Revnant King,” that’s a good closer.”

3. You’ve got a new E.P out just now, could you tell me a bit about that?

“So our new E.P. Bells of Awakening was something that we wanted to do separately from the two albums. The songs are slightly shorter, and it’s a bit of a concept release.”

4. The songs on Conqueror’s Oath and Bells are quite short in length compared to the songs on your first record was this deliberate?

“Yes. We were getting a bit of flak for playing only five or so songs when we were opening up for other bands on our first album tour, and so we decided to write slightly shorter songs. Enough to fit on a traditional 12 inch format and go from there. That was the challenge we set for ourselves.”

5. What plans have you got for the future?

“So, we’ve already begun writing for the new album, we’ve got some songs written down, and we’ll likely take it from there.”


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