The Rods-Brotherhood Of Metal


Classic metal band The Rods are back, and their new album Brotherhood Of Metal is absolutely stellar.

“Brotherhood Of Metal,” the title track starts with a piano intro, it slowly weaves its way into something new and exciting. The galloping and pacing of the riffs are something to behold, mixed in with the crushing intensity of the vocals ensures that the listener is hooked. “Everybody’s Rockin,” another song that brings about the metal essence but with an interesting twist and turn thrown in for good measure. “Smoke On The Horizon,” rocks the house down, bringing with it a fascinating mix of melodies, and a twisting and turning sense of deliverance. “Louder Than Loud,” another song that rocks the shit out of the listener, bringing with it some seriously powerful gallops and melodies. “Tyrant King,” a rocker and a masterclass in delivering the ultimate metal symphony. “Party All Night,” short and sweet.

“Tonight We Ride,” is a bouncing and bounding song that brings about some interesting elements. A rocker and a half, it takes a turn and a bite for things to get interesting, and boy do they get interesting. “1982,” is an interesting song it veers one way and then another, before climaxing with some absolutely insane shred work. “Hell On Earth,” takes its time to get grooving and then when it does, it slams the acceleration on hard. “The Devil Made Me Do It,” takes things to another level, slowly weaving its way in and out, and bringing the house down. “Evil In Me,” the climatic finish, that is also simply epic. It brings together all the elements and makes them completely powerful.

The album is out on 7th June via SPV/Steamhammer.

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