“No Control,” starts with a pounding riff, it continues into a malestorm of emotions and heaviness. The pacing of the song means that if one wants to headbang, one is more than encouraged to. “Broken Sea,” a twisting and turning mess, that shreds through the gutter. “Climatic Death,” takes a nail to the listener’s face and keeps hammering it in until the listener caves in and starts moving with the speed. “Forsaken Souls,” takes a hammer to the listener’s face and keeps the beating going right until the end. “Balance of Life,” sounds like a mixture of the cookie monster and the devil himself, are fighting it out for supremacy.

“The Long Road,” shifts and turns, moving at a pace that might frighten the normal listener, but that which your truly hardcore listener can appreciate. “Eternal Darkness,” moves like a battering ram to the face. “Supernova Silhouette,” slowly builds and thunders into being with great pace and being. “Line ’em Up,” slowly twists and turns, raging like a firework into the night sky.

The album is out now.

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