False Memories

False Memories-Chimerical


“Trembling Sky.” is epic and operatic, shifting through different tonalities within an inch of one another. “Heavenly,” shifts and turns, bringing a bite and a sharp slap to the face. “Whispers,” is somewhat jagged, but with added pulsating rhythms and a darkened twist and take. “Better To Silence,” is thoughtful with an embracing melody and vocal line. “Crimes,” rocks the house down with a solid jab and push.

“Relief,” haunting and very Within Temptation in terms of melody lines. “Sweet Agony,” shifts and turns and bites within and without, bringing something new to the fore. “Dark Machine,” is haunting and ethereal. “Creepy Song,” turns and twists. “Incomplete Life,” turns on an edge and lives without the slowly realising encompassing movement.

The album is out on 7th June via Rock of Angels Records.

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