Pythia-The Solace Of Ancient Earth

Symphonic metal has a new champion in Pythia, and their new album demonstrates why quite clearly.

“An Earthen Lament,” comes in with some interesting shifts and changes, before the bass kicks in and the listener knows to pay sharp attention. The vocals then kick and turn the melodies into something ethereal. “Spirits of The Trees,” takes a step forward, bringing the driving riff forward and ensuring the listener immediately sits up and listens as the vocals hook them in. “Ancient Soul,” moves with lightning speed and agility, producing something amazing. “Black Wings,” turns and twists, shifting the chorus and the might with something dark and heavy. “Your Dark Reign,” takes a turn here and there, producing something seriously heavy.

“Dawn Will Come,” a shifting and turning melancholic song that brings about some fascinating grooves and melodies. “Hold of Winter,” barrels into being with a thunderous roar and takes things by steam and charge. “Ghost In The Woods,” moves and turns shifting the balance once more. “Crumble To Dust,” shreds and sighs, and the melodies come in with full force. “Soul To The Sea,” heaviness incarnate.

The album is out May 17th via Golden Axe.

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