The Well-Death and Consolation

Death and Consolation 4000.jpg

“Saba,” begins with a sitar and then continues down into thunderous riff territory, simply put it is one epic night crossed over with simple power. “Raven,” criss cross of riffs and heaviness built into one epic movement forward. “Death Song,” is haunting and powerful, just as one would expect for a song called the Death Song, simply put it is exceptionally executed. “The Eyes of Fingers,” moves with power and grace, shifting the tide and bringing out the elemental in the listener. “Eyes of A God,” moves with some lumbering movement, and brings edginess and haunting melodies forward.

“Act II,” simply brilliant. Elements of Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath mix together into a powerful cocktail. “Freedom Above,” slowly haunts the mind, bringing into being some simple shifts and turns. “This Is How,” is Pentagram riffage with a modern take, and monkey howls. “Endless Night,” turns and twists, and shifts on high.

The album is out on 26th April via Riding Easy.

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