Ketzer-Cloud Collider

Ketzer - Cloud Collider.jpg

“The Machine,” an acoustic intro with haunting melodical patterns shifting in and out. “Keine Angst,” dark and ominous with some powerful riffs thrown in. “Walls,” another song with powerful riffs to create a dark and ominous sound. “Cloud Collider,” the title track of the album is brutal. A disjointed mess of riffs and chaos, it brings some serious heaviness through. “Forever Death,” slows things down and ups the animosity.

“The Wind Brings Them Horses,” snarls and bites. “No Stories Left,” bounds and leaps. “This Knife Won’t Stay Clean Today,” another terrifying venture into the abyss. “The Taste of Rust and Bone,” brings about some interesting shifts. “Light Dies Last,” a thumping shift to the face.

The album is out now via Metal Blade Records.

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