Extrema-Headbanging Forever


Classic thrash metal band Extrema return with a new gem.

“The Call,” starts with a chopper and then moves into a barrel riff, with the vocals biting out the words with precision and power. “Borders of Fire,” shifts the tone and snakes in and out with power and grace. “For The Loved and the Lost,” is seriously heavy moving with all the strength and power of an angry bull in a china shop. “Heaven’s Blind,” builds into a hurricane and then never lets the listener go when it goes off. “Pitch Black Eyes,” is something else entirely, a new graceful stinging melody tapped off with haunting lyrics.

“Headbanging Forever,” comes in with a monster riff and never stops moving. “Believer,” is distorted feedback and angry spitting lyrics to the fore. “Invisible,” straight up savage with riffs moving with power and might. “Paralyzed,” snorts and shifts. “The Showdown,” strengthens its hold and weaves in and out. ”

The album is out on 10th May via Rockshots Records.

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