Dizzy Mystics

Dizzy Mystics-Wanderlost

Album Cover - Dizzy Mystics - Wanderlost 2018.jpg

They’ve been compared to Frank Zappa, Steely Dan and Tool, and now Dizzy Mystics have got a new album out to appeal to those who like a good time.

“Letter,” starts things off and is quite clearly an indication of where this album is heading. The melodies are weird and somewhat out of place, but then they keep flowing and the listener gets used to it after a time, bringing something refreshing to things. “Shindigjig,” is fast, moving and rocking. It brings a sense of euphoria to the listener, and the guitars just scream and shout. “Fallasophy,” another interesting song, shimmering and galloping on the back of a bass riff. It takes a turn and a sharp edge. “The Frequent See, Constant Seas,” is very different. The vocals are sharp and short and biting. “The Anti-Dream,” a real rocker.

“The Scythe Pendulum Swing,” slow, haunting and moving, a song that takes a turn and a bit. “Diamond Duller,” dark and sharp, biting things with a sharp edge and melody. “Jaunter,” slows things down and builds on the melodies. “Rester,” T-Rex brought back to life quite literally. “Wanderlost,” grim and light at the same time, shifting and twisting.

The album is out on 3rd May.

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