Tronos-Celestial Mechanics

“Walking Among the Dead Things,” starts things up. From the moment that slow and sludge riff kicks things off, you know that there’s going to be one hell of a moment. The vocals are snarled and fitting for the tempo and momentum that is coming. “Judas Cradle,” slowly takes the momentum forward. Producing one of the most epic moments in metal music, with that little switch around. “The Ancient Deceit,” is fast moving and ready to erupt at a moment’s notice. The riffs and vocals are out there, delivering something dark and foreboding. “The Past Will Wither and Die,” is a slowed down masterpiece, a monster to boot, it forms up some seriously dark and edge worthy moments. “A Treaty with Reality,” thunders into being, producing something seriously headbang worthy.

“Voyeurs Of Nature’s Tragedy,” slowly builds into something dark and haunting. Serenading the listener with thoughts and movements, perfectly timed to coincide with something reminiscent of a play or an opera. “Birth Womb,” slays and delivers another seriously bombastic performance. “Premonition,” is cold and calculating, slowly building into a crescendo that delivers on pain and performance. “Beyond The Stream of Consciousness,” is a thunderous gunshot to the head, a masterpiece wrapped up into brilliance. “Johnny Blade,” thunders into being, and performs a masterpiece of a closer.

The album is out on April 12th.


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