Snowy White and The White Flames-The Situation

SWWF 2019_1500x1500.jpg

The legendary British guitarist returns with his first longplayer in eighteen months, and boy has the wait been worth it.

“The Situation,” is the title track of the album. It produces some interesting melodies and thoughtful pauses. Allowing the listener to get a feel of where the album is heading. “This Feeling,” sears and soars, with the jangling movement providing some excellent backing. “LA Skip,” has heart and soul. “Can’t Seem To Do Much About It,” veers to the side and adds more thunderous movement to produce something quite remarkable. “Crazy Situation Blues,” brings home the classic blues of the sixties and gives it a millennium spin. “Blues In My Reflection,” goes forward by some and then adds another melody ontop for good measure.

“Why Do I Still Have The Blues,” continues the bluesy reflections for the time being. Shifting and shimmering down the line and producing some fascinating guitar parts. “You Can’t Take It With You,” shimmers along and produces some fascinating movement. “Migration,” thunders down the line. “The Lying Game,” is classic blues. “Hard Blues,” is a slower more reflective number. “I Can’t Imagine,” shimmers and shakes on down the line.

The album is out on 19th April via Soulfood Music.

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