Manticora-Live At The Black Heart Review

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On Sunday 10th March, punters gathered at the Black Heart in Camden, London to witness the metal equivalent of a symphony opera. Manticora the Danish power/thrash metal band had returned to support their new album To Live To Kill To Live, and had brought with them two other bands in support, Hexed and Loch Vostock.

Hexed and Loch Vostock delivered some passionate performances, and gradually drew more people from the bar to watch them both perform, but the main attraction of the night was undoubtedly Manticora.

Their opening third was a brilliant and blinding set list. “King of the Absurd,” “Playing God,” and “The Black Circus,” all got the crowd going and soon enough the head banging had commenced.

“Gypsies Dance Part 2,” “Piano Concerto In B Flat Minor,” and “Echoes Of A Silent Scream,” continues the chaos with the crowd truly getting into things. There were people moshing, head banging and one punter was even doing a combination of moshing and dancing. The ground literally shook.

The finishing touches were delivered with purpose and grace. The stand out of the set was truly Keeper of Time with its Arabian themes and melodies, ensuring the audience was hooked onto every word. A fantastic night.

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