Hiranya-Breathe Out

No photo description available.

Spain’s leading metalcore band deliver their new album on the back of some solid grooves and some piercing melodies.

“Lemon,” is ethereal, the beginning of something darker and more sinister. Definitely toeing the line toward breaking point. “Far Away,” comes snaking in with that defiant riff, Sara Bowen roars into being and makes the song something else entirely. “Conformism,” weaves around and shivers on the beaten path, bringing something else to the stage. “Transparency,” contains some elements of groove and some other elements of heaviness that make it truly stand out. “Shot,” slows things down a tad, and then speeds up with frightening mobility.

“Harpy,” is slow and sludgening toward conclusions. “Insanity,” draws on the darkness and produces something intoxicating. “Ángel,” is furious and rapid, never quite slowing down. “Anger,” stops and starts and then weaves around. “Oiwa,” is a continuation of the ferocious circle.


The album is out now via Rock CD Records.


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