Solitude-Reach For The Sky

Solitude_rfts_cover (1400x1400).jpg

Japan’s own legendary defenders of the Faith return with a new album Reach For The Sky.

“Venoms Angel,” is a soaring and dark opening track. The acoustic introduction portrays something grim and dark about the human psyche whilst it eventually moves into overdrive, producing something critical and mass produced. “Blow,” comes out with some seriously heavy riffs, and a fast moving rhythm. “Reach For The Sky,” the title track on this album shines through. Producing something interesting and fascinating, it weaves a poetic licence across board and brings all the right elements to the fore. “Don’t Need Mercy,” is heavy and a snarling monster of a song that ventures this way and that. Snorting with energy and patience. “Escape For The Crime,” another song that brings some entertaining melodies to the fore.

“You Got My Mind,” soars on the air. Bringing something deep and meaningful to every interaction. It shimmers with grace and light, and never lets the listener fall down. “On The Edge of Sorrow,” a darkened and heavy beast that lights the way with grace and composure. “December,” is heavy, brittle and filled with anger. “Virtual Image,” closes things off with some soaring grace and sneering riffs.

The album is out on 5th April via Mighty Music.

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