Rhapsody of Fire-The Eighth Mountain


Rhapsody of Fire are an institution. They sit amongst some of the greatest bands to ever come out of the metal genre. And now they are back with their newest album, and the first in their new saga, The Eighth Mountain. It contains all the classic Rhapsody components, and as such is sure to be a hit with fans of the band.

“Abyss of Pain,” opens things up, with a slow build before moving into overdrive territory. “Seven Heroic Deeds,” comes barrelling out into the movement, with some absolute shred fest, beautifully executed. The vocals are absolutely on point as well. “Master of Peace,” comes with the furore and the energy. It drives itself forward on relentless energy and formative power, the vocals are surreal. “Rain of Fury,” is classic Rhapsody, brilliantly executed orchestral melodies combined with some soaring futuristic guitar leads. “White Wizard,” slows things down a tad, to make the listener contemplate, and pursue some educated thought. “Warrior Heart,” another classic Rhapsody song, the flute and the harpsichord come into full effect here to ensure balance and serenity.

“The Courage To Forgive,” is a rip roaring riff melody song. It contains all the right ingredients to make it a live favourite, it soars, it pounces and it roars with energy. “March Against The Tyrant,” is an interesting song, it contains some elements of classic Rhapsody but generally it takes a new path, with some jagged riffs and some fascinating billoting. “Clash Of Times,” is an anthemic number, with some absolutely brilliant melodies, the vocals are on point on this song. “The Legend Goes On,” is a thumping masterpiece, bounding with energy and electricity. “The Wind, The Rain and The Moon,” is a slower song, with some interesting vocal melodies. “Tales of A Hero’s Fate,” is a soaring epic song, with some absolutely blinding guitar play.

This legendary album is out on 22nd February via AFM Records.

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