Iron Fire-Beyond The Void Review

Denmark’s power metal legends Iron Fire return with their ninth album, and boy is it a corker.

From the opening bell tolls of the intro to the frenetically delivered title track, it is clear that the band means business, things go from strength to strength, and the guitars soar. The vocals roar and the band sound tight as ever. “Final Warning,” is a dancing, slithering snake track that grows and growls. “Cold Chains Of The North,” is anthemic, with a solid pounding riff and some snarling rip roaring blinders. “Wrong Turn,” a pounding riff, combined with soaring vocal leads, makes this song an absolute blinder. “Bones and Gasoline,” starts off slowly, it then moves into overdrive, producing some fascinating changes and stops and starts.

“Old Habits Die Hard,” another growling progression through the spectrum of defiance and rage. “Judgement Day,” is slow moving, weaving through and tearing chunks out of melodies and past experiences to drive the show. “To Hell and Back,” a rip snorting challenging song of grooving experience, with power and might thrown into the mix. “One More,” is a pounding riff monster of a song that grows and growls with the turn. “The Devil’s Path,” is thoughtful, darkness embodied within the space of the riffs and the snarling monsters. “Out of Nowhere,” a fitting closer with straight forward riffs and arrangement.

The album is out on 8th March via Crime Records.

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