Numenor-Chronicles From The Realms Beyond

Serbia’s finest power metal band brings about a classic ode.

“Heart Of Steel,” is a thumping anthem, with soaring guitar leads and a powerful vocal line, truly anthemic. “Carvenstone.” a powerful follow up, driving leads and melodies, ensures that the listener is fully engaged and hooked in the story. “Witching Hour.” snarls and roars into being on the back of some serious riffage. “Beyond The Doors Of The Night,” trails along with grace and favour, a darkened snarling growl bringing things to a head. “Moria,” an epic tale of the legends of Moria.

“The Hour Of The King.” brings some serious edge and grit to proceedings, producing some of the finest melodical arrangements seen on record for some time. “Lords Of Chaos.” ventures into black metal territory with discordant riffs and snarling vocals. “Over The Mountains Cold,” is a brutal take on some serious classic imagery. “The Last Of The Dragonlords,” is filled with energy and power, and a deep sense of loss. “Realms Beyond,” is the symphonic finish.

The album is out now via Stygian Crypt Productions.

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