The Aviators-Flowers and Moonshine Review

F&M Cover Aviators.jpg

“Flowers and Moonshine,” a classic 12 bar blues rocker, with some killer hooks, gets things going off really well. “Going Down Swinging,” another twelve bar number, with some serious cash. “Goodbye To The Rain,” brings the crunch, a snarling monster that weaves within and without. “Time,” keeps things interesting, a dangling monster that brings the punch. “One Last Cigarette,” brings the blues, another number flitting through.

“Set It Off,” a thumping rocker, with some grooving primers. “Blind,” a rip roaring number, with a powerful riff. “Destroyer,” keeps things entertaining. “The Grim Reaper,” makes things interesting with the shifting tone of pace and interest.

The album is out now.

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