Spanish doom metal legends Helevorn return, with a new opus and some seriously kick ass music.

“A Sail To Sanity,” is definitive doom, bringing some seriously charged riffs, and a powerful  range of melody, the perfect opener. “Goodbye, Hope,” starts off softly, with the acoustic guitar strumming down some serious melodies. It progresses into something dark and heavy. “Blackened Waves,” is dark, furious and chaotic bringing with it something new and something old. “Aurora,” is another song that ventures forth with interesting changes and tides, bringing something brutal to the fore. “Forgotten Fields,” is pure aggression and rage, summed up within the brutality of the riffs.

“Nostrum Mare,” a melodic chamber of echoes and power, grace and solidness. “Once Upon A War,” returns the ferociousness of previous songs to the fore. Driving the day and snarling into life. “The Path To Puya,” is another song that weaves intracacies together to produce something magical. “La Sibil-La.” a song that ventures within the darkest reaches of hell, and produces something both ethereal and awe inspiring.

The album is out on 23rd January via Solitude Productions/Bad Moon Man Music.

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