John Diva&The Rockets Of Love- Mama Said Rock Is Dead Review


“Whiplash,” begins with the crack of a whip, and the minute the riff kicks in one knows that they are going to be having a good time. The melody and the vocals are all about the good times. “Lolita,” another good time song, with some impressive Van Halen style melodies. “Rock n Roll Heaven,” is a very interesting song, bluesy, sliding into the melody, and with enough balls to keep things entertaining. “Wild Life,” another rocker, with duelling guitars and soaring melodies. “Blinded,” anthemic and a soaring melodical punch. “Dance Dirty,” a filthy rocker.

“Just A Night Away,” is a ballad, with the piano working overtime to match with the vocals, driving the story. “Fire Eyes,” big and bold, and chaotic. “Titel 09,” a good time song with some added edge. “Long Legs,” another rocker. “Toxic,” duelling guitars, soaring harmonies, and some impressive melodical work. “Rocket of Love,” a piercing screamer of a song.

The record is out on 8th February via SPV/Steamhammer.

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