“The Dirge,” is an interesting opener, it shifts and changes with the wind, but also produces some fascinating melodies and riffs. “How Do You Feel,” has a pulsating bass rhythm, and ensures the listener is hooked from the get go, bringing about some darkness. “All Our Hope and Love,” is an inspiring rocker that drags itself too and fro. “Shadows,” slows things down and brings about the darkness within.

“I Feel Free,” another rip roaring rocker. “Forever I Will Wait,” another interesting song that veers this way and that. “Absence,” a dark rocker, with some subtle undergrooves. “Time To Go,” takes things one way and then another before bringing it all crashing down.


Twisted Tower Dire

Twisted Tower Dire-Wars In The Unknown Review

“The Thundering,” starts, as all great power metal albums must start, with a gust of wind, it moves into a battering ram of entertainment and metal, bringing about all sorts of frenzied activity. “True North,” is a galloping anthem. Ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Tear You Apart,” is a rocking monster of a song, delivering growth and power. “Light The Swords On Fire,” is an interesting development, moving one way and then another. Delivering a hammer blow and ensuring that the listener is kept hooked from the get go. “And The Sharks Came Then,” another thunderous riff magnet, delivering power, grace and energy to all and sundry.

“Riding The Fortress,” another riff monster of a song. “Eons Beyond,” a galloping monster of a song, that hooks one in and does not let them go. “A Howl In The Wind.” is an interesting change of a song, moving this way and that. “The Beast I Fear,” is an interesting song, it ventures this way and that, delivering gallops and pain. “These Ghosts Can Never Leave,” another song that carries weight and power.

The album is out on 15th March via No Remorse Records.


Ritual-Trials Of Torment

“She Rides the Sky,” is a pounding thrashing monster, that delivers in great leaps and bounds. “Where I Belong,” contains some interesting shifts and changes. Bringing about a nice rhythm to the entire proceeding and ensuring the listener is kept thoroughly engrossed throughout. “Espionage,” is pure heaviness. It moves and shirks and dances within and without. “Addicted To Fear,” another song that has some interesting movements, shifting and changing with the wind. “The Forgotten,” a riff sandwich that delivers on promise and pleasure at once. “Pain Of It All,” a snaking dancing grunge filled energiser.

“In The Dungeon,” is a snarling, pounding bass ritual, that adds the guitar in for comfort, whilst allowing the vocals to do a lot of the snarling and snaking around. “Dementia,” a pounding riff frenzy monster. “Obscured By Twilight,” starts off softly, but gradually gets heavier before moving into overdrive. “City Of The Dead,” is a chorus and a madness brought to life and wrapped within the womb. “Beyond The Sea,” is pure heaviness.

The album is out on 15th March.


Wretch-Man Or Machine Review

“Man Or Machine,” is a blinding song, delivered with pomp and power. The vocals are astounding and the guitar melodies weave in and out of one another to ensure the listener is hooked from the get go. “Destroyer Of Worlds,” is simply epic. Down from the guitar melodies, to the pounding driving vocal melodies that tell a fascinating story. “Schwarzenberg,” is fast moving and a deliverance onto something completely new and interesting. “Steeler,” a fast moving rocker, that delivers the goods. “Strike Force One,” a pounding masterpiece that delivers anger and rage all in one fell swoop.

“Requiem Aeternam,” is an interesting number it produces some differing vocal melodies and a slower more reserved thought process on the guitar track. “The Inquisitor Triology Part 1,” is fast moving and a downright terrifying sight, with fast moving rhythms and riffs, producing something fascinating. “Part II,” is a smashing number delivering shredding guitars and a snarling melody. “Part III,” is a riff ranger.

The album is out on 15th March.


Frenzy-Blind Justice


“Blind Justice,” comes rip roaring into being, with some frenetic energy and a pounding melody. A brilliantly executed song that delivers some hardcore melodies and guitar riffs. “From Hell,” an anthem and a half, with some interesting dynamics that shift and turn, this way and that, producing something quite interesting. “Killing With A Smile,” is a heavy metal paradise. Some brilliantly executed riffs and an interesting vocal melody line. “Save Me,” is another anthem delivered with force and might, pushing boundaries and limitations. “Twilight Of The Sapiens,” is an interesting little venture, moving this way and that, and never quite producing the big oomph moment. “We Are The Future,” moves with power and purpose and ensures that the listener is captivated from the get go.

“Velocity,” a rocker that moves and shakes with the best of them. “Mad Ball,” another song that carries with it some interesting melodic potential, and delivers a bite and a bounce. “Waiting On Your Call,” another song that brings about ferocity and intensity. “Annihilated By My Sound,” a song that carries weight and intrusion to the fore. “Shred Or Die,” a song that brings power and might to the fore.

The album is out on 4th February via Underground Power Records.

Spirits of Fire

Spirits Of Fire-Spirits Of Fire


Featuring former members of Priest, Iced Earth, Savatage and Fates Warning, Spirits Of Fire is by far and away one of the most promising supergroups to have emerged in recent times. That their material is solid helps this as well.

“Light Speed Marching,” comes in with a barrel a minute riff, some serious grooves are on this song and Ripper Owens sounds amazing. “Temple Of The Soul,” is dark and enchanting, the riffs are intoxicating, the vocals are mesmerising. “All Comes Together,” another hardcore rocker that delivers with thumping power. “Spirits Of Fire,” a jangling harmonious riff wrangler, with grace, power and destruction that is very, very intoxicating. “It’s Everywhere,” starts off with the acoustic melody and then moves into overdrive with the riffs leading the charge. “A Game,” is slower, and more enchanting and a tale weaver.

“Stand and Fight,” is powerful, with flirtatious melodies and a soaring guitar shredding melody. “Meet Your End,” is brutal and powerful with some seriously enchanting riffs. “Never To Return,” is harmonious and interesting. “The Path,” is haunting and paints the image of deliverance fast approaching, brilliantly executed. “Alone In The Darkness,” a song that haunts and delivers everything.

The album is out on 22nd February via Frontiers Music.

Tora Tora

Tora Tora- Bastards Of Beale

TORA TORA Bastards Of Beale COVER.jpg

“Sons Of Zebedee,” is a rocker, with that thumping riff, and a delivering vocal line that really gets the listener going. “Giants Fall,” another rocker that brings about some interesting dynamics and flits through. “Everbright,” another swamp rocker. “Silence The Sirens,” delivers a girth and a magical powerful structure. “Son Of A Prodigal Son,” is bluesy and dark, and light at the same time, really masking the cadence. “Lights Up The River,” is one another level, completely changing the face of things.

“Let Us Be One,” another rocker that paints a thousand images. “All Good Things,” delivers a roar and a half. “Rose of Jericho,” is an interesting rocker, with a snake eyes riff, that flows beautifully. “Vertigo,” another song that delivers crunch and power, a real rocker and barnstormer. “Bastards Of Beale,” is story telling at its finest, with some intricate melodies being woven into one and all.


FM-The Italian Job

FM the italian job COVER CDVD HI.jpg

“Black Magic,” kicks off this live album and delivers something else entirely, showing that the band is clearly on another level. “I Belong To The Night,” is another barn stormer, simply beautifully executed. “Life Is A Highway,” gets the crowd going, and the band seem as if they’re on top form. “Let Love Be The Leader,” slows things down for a moment and then delivers the oomph. “Someday,” is a sparkling rocker, with the eighties written all over it. “Killed By Love,” a harmonising gem, with the yeah yeahs really leading the way. “Metropolis,” starts with the crowd singing the last song back, before moving into the real leading chart busters. “Over You,” is a powerful rocker, with the harmonised vocals really leading things.

“Closer To You,” a slower number, getting the candles going. “Does It Feel Like Love,” a song that shifts and changes, bringing about something new and creative. “Story Of My Life,” an interesting game changer, that brings something new to life, mainly power and might. “Love Lies Dying,” a slower more thoughtful number, leading reflections. “Bad Luck,” powerful and really allowing the guitars to show off and do their thing. “Tough It Out,” a dangling and damaging ranger that produces something magical. “That Girl,” a rip roarer and snorter. “The Other Side of Midnight,” an interesting and fitting closer.

The album is out on 22nd February via Frontiers Music.

Uncategorized, West Bound

West Bound-Volume 1 Review


“Never Surrender,” is a rocker, bringing the riffs to the fore, and delivering the goods. A seriously good opener. “Dance Of Life,” a heavy bluesy number that delivers pace and grit. “Ain’t Gonna Drown,” snaps back and delivers a punch and pull. “Beautiful Dream,” snaps to the front with the slowed down rhythm and then snarls into life. “Nothing,” a slower number, with the piano taking the lead. “Roll The Bones,” a thumping rocker.

“On My Own,” another thoughtfully arranged song that veers this way and that. “Keeper Of The Flame,” a rocker with added gut punch. “Turn To You,” a rocker with the greatest melodies that it could possibly have. “No Room For Sympathy,” a ball busting rocker. “Traveller,” a rip roaring ricochet that delivers the thumping goods.

The album is out on February 22nd via Frontiers Music.

Find Me

Find Me-Angels In Blue Review

“No Tears In Paradise,” is a fascinating groove and taste, bringing with it some interesting melodical ideas. “Chain Of Love,” is pure rock and roll, soaring and growing with patience and time. “True Believer,” is a thumping number, the synths and guitars really play well together on this one. “Straight For Eternity,” a song that is ballad and rocker mixed together. “Can’t Let Go,” another song that has it all, a brilliant melody, and some seriously sharp vocal lines. “One Last Kiss,” a ballad, with the piano works really shining through. “Living A Lie,” is powerful, dark and chaotic.

“Angels In Blue,” is another powerful groover, sneaking its way this way and that. “Show Me What You’d Die For,” is something else, a mix of eighties rock and roll with eighties pop sensibilities. “Waiting For A Lifetime,” is an anthem. “You Are The Only One,” is bombastic and beautiful because of it. “Desperate Dreams,” another slower one that fills the void. “Only The Lonely,” a searing rocker, that brings Whitesnake to the fore.

The album is out on 22nd February via Frontiers Music.