The Scars In Pneuma-The Path Of Seven Sorrows Review

“Devotion,” comes in with the darkness and melancholy and ensures that the ground does not shake, but nor does it stand still. “Souls Are Burning,” is another furious number, growing with every beat of the drum, and destroying the light within reason. “Spark To Fire, To Sun,” another song that drives the energy forward, with chaotic riffs and barrelling energy.  “All The Secrets We Keep,” another song that ventures this way and that, and never quite changes without course, but when it does change, boy is the change heavy.

“Dark Horizons Ahead,” lives within a chaotic framework. Driving deliverance and chaos in one fell swoop. “The Glorious Empire of Sand,” soft, light and then dark, all within the song and within the framework of chaos. “Constellations,” another song that starts off with light and moves within rage and anger.

The album is out on February 8th.

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