Ghost Ship Octavius-Delirium Review

GSO_COVER 1400X1400.jpg

A definitive supergroup, containing members of Nevermore and God Forbid, Ghost Ship Octavius delivers.

First song “Turned to Ice,” is a brutal riff monster, bringing with it a shred and a soaring melody that is like to make the headbangers amongst us move with joy. “Ocean Of Memories,” is softer, and light hearted, as much as such a song can be, with hints of Nevermore’s epic style. “Saturnine,” is fast and riff based, with such a shred within it that it continues to grow. “Delirium,” a shred and a solo within a saddening and deafening song, brilliantly executed. “Ghost In The Well,” is a dark and haunting song that brings with it some serious edge.

“Chosen,” a riff monster that delivers one hit after another and never lets go. “Edge of Time,” softer and more reflective, continuing a drive toward something that appears within reach, but also tantalisingly not. “Far Below,” is the energy that and harmony that drives within reach. “The Maze,” slower, more thoughtful and reflective with a dulled edge. “Bleeding Horns,” an interesting mix of divergent thought and caustic bleeding. “Burn This Ladder,” the rage within and the rage without.

The album is out on 22nd February, via Mighty Music.

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