Ancient Bards-Origine Review


“Origine,” a spoken word haunting tract, that ventures through the orchestral highs and lows. “Impious Dystopia,” is exactly that, filled with energy and soul, developing within energy and spirit and delivering something crushing and energetic. “Fantasy’s Wings,” is pure epic metal, with driving riffs and some soaring vocal lines. “Aureum Legacy,” softer, the piano really shines through, delivering something interesting and diverse. “Light,” soft, bringing deliverance and something else through to the sky.

“Oscurita,” is a driving, uplifting and soaring song, bringing about everything good and pure about metal into one driving force. “Titanism,” is a deliverance, a brutal energetic rocker. “The Hollow,” brings some interesting melodies and shifting patterns, changing this way and that without the nonce. “Home Of The Rejects,” a fast filtered and rocking number that brings everything to the fore. “The Great Divide,” a fitting orchestral finale of old.

The album is out on 25th January, via Limb Music.

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