Lords of Salem

Lords of Salem-Hell Over Salem Review

“Monster Girl,” is a slow building journey carved into stone with grooving riffs, a pounding melody and some absolutely insane vocal lines. A epic journey that brings the listener with it. “Hell Over Salem,” is a slower song, but filled with some absolutely brilliant vocals and riffs.

“Zombie Monkey Woman,” is a chaotic meld, filled with buoyant guitar riffs and insane vocal lines. “Rock N Roll Machine,” is a pounding groove machine.

The album is out now!

Woven Man

Woven Man-Revelry In Our Arms Review

WM - HI.jpg

“Calling Down The Leaves,” a barrage of energy and might. The riffs come chugging into being with power, the vocals snarl and weave a tale around the listener leaving them hooked and wanting more. “I am Mountain,” slows things down, and brings the ten tonne hammer down with might. The listener is once more hooked onto everything being done and said. “With Willow,” took a sharp turn right and kept powering through, bringing energy and might forth.

“Maker,” slows things down once more, bringing some thought and breathing space to proceedings, before launching into another slammer fest. “Of Sky and Land,” an adventure in as many words, bringing eclectic riffs, and soaring melodies and highs to the fore.

The album is out on 11th January via Undergroove.


Aschergen-Untot Review

“Untot,” carries some interesting elements. A soaring guitar introduction, synth keys and then comes the barrage. Keeping things upbeat and hopeful. “Hey Christina,” slows things down, gets reflective and makes the listener consider things. “Lass Es Raus,” a rocker, raucous and filled with energy. “Argenteum Astrum,” huge and it knows it. Filled with trust and defiance. “Tod Im,” slower number, filled with hope and also possible optimism. “Hau Ab,” paces things with a frenzy and keeps the listener hooked from the get go.  “Wer Bist Du,” another sonic overhaul.

“Ascheregen,” drives things forward, and produces some fascinating work with the vocals and the guitars. “Schnell,” an interesting journey through the stratosphere and beyond. “Verfolgung,” a rocker with brutal characteristics. “Depressiver Klon,” moves with pace and grace and ensures there is some movement. “Rockgott,” a symphonic masterpiece some might say. “Ich Bin Nicht,” another carouser.

The album is out on February 15th.

Cold Colours

Cold Colours-Northernmost Review


“Northernmost I,” a slow haunting song that builds to the chaos that is to come. “Nightmare,” a song that carries weight and precision and some ungodly riffs. “A Life Forlorn,” comes with some groove and power. “Northernmost II,” another mixing of blends and capacity. “From This Pain,” aggression heavy this way lies, brutally executed. “Spirit,” a song that ventures beyond the norm, shifting in and out of temperant zones here and there.

“Northernmost III,” a song that echoes previous sentiments but removes some excess baggage with haunting melodies. “Terminal Winter,” a song that resounds with aggression and anger. “Heaven,” is as heaven does. “Northernmost IV,” a song that flies within the bounds and then occasionally escapes them for a fleeting moment. “The Parting,” a song that delivers bounds and leaps, and the odd bit of anger. “The Pale Heart,” closes things with defiance and rage.

The album is out on 22nd February.


Inferno-Basado En Hechos Reales Review

inferno - cover album RGB.jpg

“Ruega Por Nosotros,” is haunting and filled with the Gregorian chants of old, belying the anger that lies underneath. The piercing riffs and vocals add the depth to this song. “Tu Sucio Dinero,” rages with the best of them, grooving and in places spitting in the face of conventional wisdom. “Como a Marionetas,” another blistering middlefinger to the establishments of the world. “Vuestra Ceguera,” moves with time and pace, slashing through the ground and never quite letting up. “Aprietate el Bozal,” moves with focus and thunder.

“Espiral de Mentiras,” moves with power, thunder and downright anger. “Condenado a Vivir,” another pacing song with thunder and rage. “Sin Domesticar,” a furious onslaught at the world. “Exterminio,” a song that rages and gallops with the best of them. “Noches Sin Tregua,” a fast and furious song that gallops and rages.

The album is out on January 23rd via Necromance Records.

John Garcia

John Garcia-John Garcia And The Band Of Gold Review

K1024_John Garcia Album Cover_100x100mm_72dpi.JPG

“Space Vato,” slow and daunting, carrying an edge and taking the time to express that fully. “Jim’s Whiskers,” a song with edge and bite. “Chicken Delight,” an interesting little tap and go with a solid drum beat. “Kentucky II,” a song that varies from pace to pace, never repeating for a moment. “My Everything,” a soulful croon delivering the edge and bite. “Lilliana,” another boisterous number and one that perfectly encapsulates power.

“Popcorn,” a delightful serenade, taking the time to venture forth and then boogie. “Apache Junction,” keeps things interesting and fresh, swinging from post to post. “Don’t Even Think About It,” has groove and pace aplenty. “Cheyleitella,” an angry mob stomping song. “Softer Side,” heavy with edge, but growing with strength.

The album is out on January 4th via Napalm Records.


Jinjer-Micro Review


“Ape,” is discordant and monstrous with melodical flits here and there. “Dreadful Moments,” dark and discordant. “Teacher, Teacher,” a brutal summation of anger and evil.

“Perennial,”  slow and haunting, a terrifying combination. “Micro,” fierce and powerful.

The EP is out on January 11th via Napalm Records.



Rifftera – Across The Acheron

“Burning Paradise,” opens things with traumatic orchestration before moving into a snarling monster. “Two Sides Of The Story,” grooves and shakes with thunder and the roar of the gods. “Eye Of The Storm,” shakes with thunder and grooves and roars. “Cutthroat Game,” another boiling monster, shaking with ferocity and power.

“Cry Wolf,” heavy and downright terrifying in places. “Warmonger,” another song that oozes evil with powerful riffs and snarling backdrops. “Deep Waters,” slows things down and then moves rapidly into hell. “Across The Acheron,” is heavy and melodic with interesting shifts and turns.

The album is out January 18th via Inverse Records.


Trauma-As The World Dies Review

“The Rage,” slow, dark and chaotic. A perfect opener that truly brings to life the growing darkness and desperation of the world. “From Here to Hell,” another rip roaring masterpiece dangling through on the back of some serious metal riffage. “As The World Dies,” slows things down, considers the pace and then lets rip. “Gun To Your Head,” another rocker, snarling and snorting through the times and pace. “Last Rites,” heaviness incarnate, bringing about something truly magnificent.

“Run For Cover,” slows things down slightly, allowing for some interesting melodical arrangements, before kicking things up a notch. “Asylum,” dark from the get go and never slowing down. “Entropy,” haunting and brutal. “Cool Aid,” a chaotic thrasher. “Savage,” a savage rocker backed by some serious riffs.

The album is out on February 15th.