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“Beyond The Line of Being,” is a haunting and clanging introduction, a song that turns and twists with an interesting flourish. “Cyber Life,” comes in with a thunderous and interesting riff, turning with the thunder and bringing the vocals to the fore. “Alienation Deal,” a jagged, stop and start, shifting once and then again. “Stairs,” moves between jazz and then another twisting turn. “The Puppets Gathering,” a harmonised and edging slant that twists with the wind and again.

“Inner Tide,” a ambient piece, that has many a layer atop it, before shifting with the wind and ensuring that none can quite understand the pain that is coming through. “Fanciful Wonder,” ambient and dark, with the flourishes that bring anger and pain. “Seasons,” a soft and fluorescent ambient peace that changes with the wind. “Cosmic Box #9,” a dark and fierce piece that brings the energy of the cosmos to bear.

The album is out now.

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