Firmo-Rehab Review

“A Place For Judgement Day,” comes with an interesting melody on the guitar, it then slowly grooves with time and finesse to ensure that the listener is hooked. “Heart of Stone,” is slower, more reflective and a song that is sure to keep audiences hooked when performed live. “Shadows and Lights,” big and anthemic, a song that would get audiences swaying when performed live. “Maybe Forever,” a song that flits from one angle to the next, whilst maintaining the melodies. “No Prisoners,” is more of a rocker, driving the day with some serious hooks and whistles. “Didn’t Wanna Care,” is a ballad in the style of the Eighties and as such has some serious edge and moodiness to it.

“Unbreakable,” an epic song, shaped around a simple chordal arrangement and a serious melody. “Don’t Dare To Call It Love,” is another song that has an epic edge to it, ensuring that the listener is hooked once more, with a catchy hook. “Cowboys Once, Cowboys Forever,” is somewhat cheesy but also filled with that reminiscent tinge that makes such songs so memorable. “Rehab,” a fat packed action song with so many hooks and bells it’s a wonder it’s not swooping off somewhere else. “Until Forever Comes,” a song that jangles and then shifts with the rhythm. “Everything,” slower and more haunting a fitting closer.

The album is out now.

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