Hypnos Interview


  1. What inspired the formation of the band and what are your influences?

In 2013 Oskar W and Fredrik (guitarist in the first formation of Hypnos) started talking of starrting a band. They soon met up with bass player Anton and drummer Idun. The big question was who was going to be the vocalist? Idun had met Philip through mutual friends and they had played at the same shows together with earlier bands so they invited him which he accepted. In late 2015 Pontus replaced Fredrik. In 2017 Linus replaced Philip and in early 2018 Oskar B became the new drummer.Influences range from Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and alot of other bands of course. The band tries to find many different influences to try to make as much intresting and good music as possible!


2.     How do you approach song writing?

it’s a little bit different every time. Set Fire to the Sky was written under a short frame of time and therfore alot of the music was written individually at home, mostly by Oskar W and Pontus, and the rehearsed and finished at the rehearsal place. Some songs where however created while jamming and being together all or almost all of us. I think both ways are intreseting to examine and bring very different things to an album so I would think that both will be used on future works as well.


3.     What themes are explored on Set Fire To the Sky and why?

Set Fire to the Sky explores alot of different things. There are songs about bad break ups, feeling paranoid, partying to hard and the death of loved ones. Mostly the album has a forward rock ‘n’ roll feeling but the lyrics are often mellow and almost a little dark. I guess it has to do with the point of our lives being under alot of stress and such but to me it is also often more rewarding listening to somewhat darker themes.


4.     Which songs are you most looking forward to performing from the new record?

We’ve already been out for a four week tour and have played a few shows i Sweden backing the album so we have played many of the songs live already. Some of the favorites must be: “Looking Out”, “Set Fire to the Sky” and “Caught in the Night” however all of the new songs are always great to play and we try to play as many as we can. We also often change the live sets almost every night because there are so many fun songs to play!


5.     What plans do you have for the future?

We are playing the Sankt Hell festival in december and then we have some shows lined up for next year. Then we have some fun things in plan for spring that I really hope will come true and we will share more information about as soon as we are able. Then there will hopefully be some more touring and some nice festivals in the spring and summer!


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