Last Union-Twelve Review


“Most Beautiful Day,” comes in with an interesting melodical arrangement, twisting and turning. The vocals are on point throughout and accurately fit the song arrangement. “President Evil,” features guest vocals from James LaBrie, and as such they continue the tone set down previously, filtering through and pushing the rock and roll to the max. “Hardest Way,” is a song filled with power and energy, growling and moving with speed and pace. “Purple Angels,” another song that drives and roars. The rhythm is on point throughout. “The Best Of Magic,” is an interesting song, taking twists and turns from various angles and ensuring that the listener is constantly captivated. “Taken,” soars and snears, moving from one movement to the next, constantly evolving and developing.

“Euphoria,” moves with speed and precision, taking things from one high point to the next. Never quite leaving the listener with any certainty as to what might come next, and that is perfect. “A Place in Heaven,” moves with some serious power and melody. The introduction keeps things entertaining. “Ghostwriter,” is flamboyant and aggressive in the best possible manner. “Limousine,” is filled with energy and highlights in the melody and the grace, ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Back In The Shadow,” another interesting melodical arrangement that combines fascinating elements from all previous songs.

The album is out on 21st December via Rock of Angels Records.

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