Saber Tiger

Saber Tiger-Obscure Diversity Review


“Phineas Gage,” is epic and haunting, with the choral arrangements working perfectly for the song. “The Crowbar Case,” comes barrelling in with a solid riff, and a thumping back drop, snarling and biting. “The Worst Enemy,” another snaking and snarling riff fest, brilliantly executed. “Stain.” another song that filters through with power and grace. “Beat Of The War Drums,” is a snarling monstrosity that delivers powerful riffs and soaring vocals. “Distant Signals,” comes in with a nice little filter off one and two, before slowly shifting and changing. “The Shade Of Holy Light,” brings epic vocals, melodies and choral arrangements to the fore.

“Permanent Rage,” grits and snarls, taking the vocals to a new plain. “Seize Your Moment,” twists and turns across the sphere, taking it in turns to awe the listener and make them feel truly powerful. “Divide To Deny,” a snaking monster that moves from one place to another, with grace and power. “Paradigm and Parody,” a song that is filled with energy. “The Forever Throne,” another song that is filled with power.

The album is out now via Sliptrick Records.

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