Onkel Tom-Bier Ernst Review


“Ich Ste.” comes barrelling in with some solid riffage and pounding grooves. “Flasche,” pounds the literal shit out of the listener’s ear drums, ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go for this opus. “Wir Tri,” another song that has some interesting hooks and melodies, dancing upon the ground and getting the crowd going. “Bier Bi,” filled with swagger, and an ode to Bier, that fine beverage. “Durst I,” pounding and heavy, a true groover. “Hatten,” dangles the bait with the trumpet intro, and then it moves into overdrive, with the drinking song melody. “Was Sin,” slithers along the pathway, ensuring that the listener has another dose of fist pounding metal. “Jacky C,” slows things down somewhat, a cowboy song in the chains. “Durst W,” picks things up, blinding delivery. “Trunken,” a swaggering drinking song, that is sure to get beer swilling. “Bier Bi,” another classic tribute.

“Prost,” another song that slows things down, taking the hype down a notch, but also producing some fascinating little sing alongs. “Ich Fin,” pure metal coming out of the stream, and a blinding light for all to see. “Todgewe,” driving and pounding and filled with energy. “Ich Mus,” fast hell raising and ground pounding. “Egal,” groove orientated and based on energy and grit. “Von Ars,” a song that takes a turn and a twist, and produces some fascinating melodies. “Zwische,” an anthem and a half that builds from an intriguing place and goes from there. “Auf Dun,” swagger filled riffs, and energy based on the halves. “Das Bla,” a rocker and a half, swaggering around like a beast. “Polizis,” another song that finishes things off quite well with flair and grit.

Bier Ernst is out on September 28th via Steamhammer/SPV.

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