Scarlet Aura- Hot ‘n’ Heavy Review



“This Future Becomes Our Past,” a haunting serenade that builds anticipation and ensures that the listener is instantly hooked. “Hail To You,” a riff fest that has some insanely catchy melodies thrown in, with added bonus of some quality vocal harmonies. “In The Name Of My Pain,” another song that shreds through, producing some truly quality melodies and harmonies. “Hot ‘n’ Heavy,” a riff monster collaborating with an absolute mind bending vocal arrangement, ensuring maximum capability. “Fallin’ To Pieces,” a song that starts off eerily, and moves into some new and dangerous territory. The guitars are jagged, the vocals are heavy in delivery, the all round performance is brilliantly executed. “Glimpse In The Mirror,” chaotic and also on form, producing some very interesting divergences and ensuring the listener is hooked from the get go.

“You Bite Me, I Bite You Back,” a rocker backed up with some very interesting arrangements on the guitar and the vocals. In some instances it is a pounding melody, ensuring no one gets forgotten about, and in some cases it is blistering. “Hate is Evanescent, Violence Is Forever,” a song that snarls and bites from the get go. This is some of the most fantastic vocal arrangements yet in the album. Blistering and blinding. “Silver City,” another blinding melody driven song that dances around, shimmering and growing with every minute. “Light Be My Guide,” softer, more thoughtful and just as epic. “Let’s Go Fuckin Wild,” is fucking epic, a rocker that will get crowds going wild. “To New Horizons,” is an epic song that dances, shimmers and shakes from the get go, a fitting finale.

The album is out on December 11th via Sliptrick Records.

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