TV Smith

TV Smith-Land Of The Overdose Review


The Punk legend’s new album starts off with No Control is an interesting song, starting off with the acoustic guitars and the haunting melodies of the vocals, before kicking into a darker gear. We Stand Alone is another dark and brooding song, that lends itself well to Smith’s vocals. Land Of The Overdose is a song that brings elements of reggae and The Police to the fore, a dance and a saunter. Satellites is an interesting ditty, bringing the acoustic guitar to the fore with other little tandems for the instruments and the vocals. Keys To The World is old fashioned rock and roll, mixed with the country, brilliantly executed. Green Zone is a taunt, a saunter and a rocker, a real telling jilt.

No Hope Street is a slow number, that dances on the edge, it brings a sense of despair, whilst also showing the listener that there might be something left out there after all. Smith’s vocals really shine here. Never Again Until The Next Time shines through, a folksy little jaunt that produces another hit, and a song that is sure to feature on the tour to come. Sunny Side Up is a nice little commentary on the things happening around the world, producing juicy little marvels. File It Under Not My Problem is another song that simply oozes with class, and reverence for days gone by. Written Out is a big ballsy song, with the soaring vocals and the big production of memories. Last Lost Sheep is filled with energy, and a tale or two to tell.

The album is out via JKP/Warner.

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