Monte Pittman-Between The Space Review

Monte Pittman - Between the Space.jpg

Evidence comes in with all guns blazing, the riff is absolutely on fire, the drums pound their way into place, everything is set up nicely for the blare out. Ominous/Hope is jagged, brutal and chaotic, moving from one stage to another, the vocals create the right impression of desperation. Changing Of The Guard is suitably epic, with big thumping guitar riffs, and a building sense of desperation built in from the instrumentation. Title track Between The Space moves and shifts on tenderhooks ensuring the listener is kept firmly in place.

Once Upon A Time is slower, thoughtful, reflective with the menace still present, in the shape of the melody and the overall texture of the song. Equal Temperament brings the danger to the fore, adding rage and aggression all in one potent mix. Reverse Magnetism comes barelling and galloping forward, ensuring that the listener is captured from the moment the band comes in. Beguiling shifts and turns, never allowing the listener to guess what’s coming next.

The album is out 31st August via Metal Blade Records.

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