Building Chaos

Building Chaos-Bourbon Times Review

Blink Of The Eye is heavy on riffs and good times, producing a pounding, headbanging rhythm, an infectious start. Blood Boil is western filtered, with the classic rhythm s and the desert sandstorm on the horizon. California Love, a cover of a gangster classic, is metalled up to number ten, perfect. D.O.W.N is another masterpiece in riff crafting, brilliant. Heavy Chains is another rocker, and brutal at that. Let The River Bear Your Bones is southern drenched metal at its best.

Ritual keeps things turning, heavy and southern mixing together to produce a masterpiece. Snakefang is another song that mixes melodies and rhythm to produce a blinding masterpiece. Texas Jack Reed broods and erupts in equal measure. The Hunt is a fast paced master rocker, with everything in it. The King Is High is another rocker, with grudge, sludge and metal. Until The End is a fitting rock and roll closer.



Conan-Existential Void Guardian Review


Prosper On The Path delivers some absolutely quality doom metal, the riffs and the drum beats are in tune with one another perfectly, they deliver carnage and monstrosity perfectly. Eye To Eye To Eye is another monster of a song, producing riff after riff which would fit well within the classic metal pantheon. Panicantation is another song that just stands and delivers, producing heaviness galore. Amidst the Infinite continues from there, slabs of metal offered with grace and panache. Volt Thrower is another snarling monster, producing riff after riff, and vocal hook after vocal hook.

Vexxagon is another song that shifts the boundaries, grooving with sludge. Eternal Silent Legend does something similar, changing and chopping through bits and pieces. Total Conquest performed live delivers energy and grit. Satsumo is another rocker when performed live. Foehammer continues this trend, shifting and twisting. Hawk As Weapon closes things off nicely.

The album is out on 14th September via Napalm Records.

Grave Digger

Grave Digger-The Living Dead Review

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The legends return with a bounding opening track in Fear Of The Living Dead which delivers pace, bounce, speed and agility, showcasing why they are at the heart of their game. Blade Of The Immortal comes in with a barrelling riff, a snarling roar and some enticing lyrics. When Death Passes By is another song that showcases raw talent, with brutal riffs, and a pounding chorus. Shadow Of The Warrior another song that brings to light the talent of the band, starting off light, before moving into dark territory. The Power Of Metal is a riff monster ode to the genre. Hymn Of The Damned delivers a steely one-two punch to the gut.

What War Left Behind delivers something gritty and snarling. Fist In Your Face is a big middle finger to established trends, and is an absolute belter. Insane Pain another groover, bringing nice little tweaks and trends to the fore. Zombie Dance shifts and turns, allowing for a moment of reflection, but bringing in the nice little twists here and there. Glory Or Grave is another rocker, a fitting close.

The album is out on 14th September via Napalm Records.


Hyperdontia-Nexus Of Teeth Review

Hyperdontia - Nexus of Teeth.jpg

Purging Through Flesh is pounding and snarling. Of Spire And Thorn is another guttural darkness. Teeth and Nails is pounding and ethereal. Aura Of Flies is another number that spins and wheels with frenetic abandon.

Majesty is another song that produces dark brooding ashes within the wider context of the album. Euphoric Evisceration snarls, gallops and pounds its way through. Escaping The Mortal Embodiment snarls and dances. Existence Denied is another song that pulsates with aggression.

The album is out on 14th September via Dark Descent Records.

Meadow's End

Meadow’s End-Sojourn Review

Amidst the Villains kicks off with a nice frenetic riff, the piano melodies add in a nice touch, and when the song really gets going, boy does it get going. Purely driving and moving with incredible force. Remnants is slow, snarling and guttural. Nightmare’s Reef is an intricate dance around the edges, filled with huge riffs, and dancing melodies. Heathen’s Embrace is a snarling sojourn into the world filled with dark graces. Soulslain is a mix of darkness and light, fighting with one another for dominance. Deadlands is a monster, built on symphonic instrumentation and deafening riffs. End Of Fallens is another brutal monster.

All Of Them is a dance, a weave that produces one turn and then another, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is and isn’t considered acceptable to bring true power. Angel Dreams is a snarling monster, bringing huge riffs and guttural giant vocals to the fore. Clench The Feet Of Fools is an embrace of the divine, the dark and weird. Forever Haven is a brutal masterpiece. My Leading Command dances, twirls and snakes around based off of the riffs that dance and snarl. Everlasting is a fitting finish, combining melody with darkness and groove.

The album is out now via Black Lion Records.

Osmium Guillotine

Osmium Guillotine – A Million To One Review

A Million To One - Front Cover.jpg

A Million To One goes through twists and turns, producing sharp contrasts, bringing solid melodies and pounding riffs, a definitively metal performance for an opening track. He Played Rock and Roll is fast, a rocker with ferocity and chaos, ensuring that the spirit of rock and roll remains there for all to see. Through The Black Mirror starts off slowly off the back of a bass riff, before moving into overdrive, soaring into action. Slay The Guillotar is fast, a rocker, with added emphasis on the riffs and the drive forward into legend territory.

Paradox produces another fine display of riffage and chaos, the song focuses on a few riffs with the melodies of the vocals intertwined with them, producing some quite spectacular. Metal Man starts slowly, the haunting atmosphere of the guitars producing hair raising moments, it then moves into darkness and despair through minor fluctuations. The Demon Within is a rocker, with epic melodies and sides of riff cake added in, brilliantly done. Only Famous is a rocking tribute to the modern day culture.

The album is out on 14th September.


Atlas-Primitive Review

Skinwalker begins with a roar, a defiant call to arms, the riffs come in with brutality, twisting and turning, shaping their way around the groove with precision. Feel is another moshpit inducing rage fest. On The Crooked Stones dances around the edges of acceptability, producing one big hook after another, and really just letting the anger flow. Kaamos snarls and sneers its way through the cosmos, producing hook after hook. Primitive dances across the lines, producing sheer riffage and then quiet serenity.

Pareidolia, is a slow building menace, slowly enchanting the listener before delivering the killing blow. Pendulum Swing is riff heavy, groove orientated. Bloodline is filled with aggression and rage. Rust is a call to arms and a great big monster.

The album is out on November 16th via Inverse Records.

Fragments Of Despair

Fragments Of Despair-Broken Lost Mistakes Review

Welcome To Reality comes in with some interesting guitar work, the riffs are jagged and filled with brutal precision, the song moves into a headbanging groove. Tormentor comes in with a thrashy riff, pounding the pavement and snarling its way into being. 300 Abominations continues this feeling, snarling into life and destroying the listener’s ear drums with how heavy it is. Unholy Soldier starts off slowly and with much disguising, before moving into some seriously heavy territory.

Kassandras Curse is a snarling monster, bringing darkness and rage to the fore, on the back of some serious heaviness. Broken, Lost and Mistaken dances through the groove, producing one big hit after another, and ensuring the listener is hooked. Ocean Of Tears is slower more melancholic and definitely reflective. Slaves of Our Youth snarls and dances across the stream, producing one big riff fest.



Xalpen-Wowk Otrr Review

Xalpen - MLP III-Cover-WEB.jpg

The intro is absolutely terrifying, bringing elements of darkness and decay right to the fore. Kay Taw continues down this terrifying route with the bass and guitars brawling into life and producing some absolutely insane mesh of lyrics and grit. Ten Hashpen is a snarling monster and done in classic black metal style. Shwaken comes barrelling out with grit and monstrosity.

Chant to Xosh is a discordant mesh of melodies and rage. Oculus Australis is a monster, filled with grit and determination it builds on melodies and darkness. The Barn Owl finishes things off with softness and anger.

The album is out on 13th September via Morbid Skull Records.