We Are A Band starts off with some nice little riffs, typical of the metal genre, with the harmonisations on the word do providing some hilarity. You Can Maybe Do It has a ballsy riff, as it rips the piss out of everyone and everything. Tuesday is another riff packed song. Adulting is a plea for help, with the chaotic riffs. From The Heart is a piss take ballad, and it really is quite catchy. Do the title track shifts and gives, and is backed by a nice little riff. Got No Brakes is a nice little riffer. Introvert Party Time is a nice little piss take, breaking back and forth. Thinkin With Yer Dick is a nice little slapstick. Uncle Material really is hilarious, the riffs are all over the place and the content is just brutally hilarious. Bacon, Eggs and Cheese is great.

Uhhng, is straight up weird. Stream Stutter has a ballsy riff. Got No Brakes comes back again, this time just as refined and hilarious. Socks and Sandals sways and rocks. Keys just rips the normal song structure to shreds. Gurrr slips and slides. Moving Day has a nice little riff. Rent In Peace just trolls. Got No Brakes is still hilarious. Outtakes is hilarity in metal. Flop is a nice little piss take.

The album is out now, buy it for the laughs.

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