Solium Fatalis-Genetically Engineered To Enslave Review


Threshold kicks things off pounding into life with some deeply powerful riffs and rhythms, the band make it clear that they mean business with the lines they throw out. The vocals scream their anger and rage into the air. Lake Of Extinction is pounding and thrash orientated, with a grooving industrial riff, whilst the vocals snarl. Servile pounds and grooves, industrial in size and scope. Synthon drags and shimmers, slowly bringing anger and rage to the fore. A Gathering of Storms starts off with a clean intro, lulling the listener into a false sense of security before driving the anger and rage to the forefront.

Factor Red booms, snarls and growls, promising much and delivering it in huge slabs of power and rage. Dysmorphic is guttural, pounding the shit out of the listener’s ear drums whilst delivering clinical and powerful vocals and guitar sections. Chemical Reagent is discordant, shifting gears between minor overtones to guttural heaviness, it is pulled off quite well. Fiery The Angels Fell is slow, despotic and moving, filling in the blacks with epic scale. A Tongue To Taste The Collapse is an indictment of modern society, delivered with guttural rage.

The album is out on 13th October.

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