Manticora-To Kill To Live To Kill Review


Piano Concerto opens things up, a little like a 1920s song serenade, the piano flits from one edge to another always there, and always enticing the listener, preparing them for what is to come. Echoes Of A Silent Scream follows, pounding riffs, and downright brutal vocalisations bring energy and power to the fore, a great start. Towering Over You is filled with jagged riffs, sharp and brutal melodies and a downright terrifying rhythm section. Katana moves across the board, harmonising and delivering a powerful statement on balance and melody. The Farmer’s Tale Pt1 begins with energy and brings melody into the fore as well. The Devil In Lisbon shifts gears, building anticipation and energy with some focus shifting between the melodies and the brutality, well executed.

Growth builds up anticipation, bringing tension, anger, and rage all to the surface enticing the listener to really lean in and get an idea of what is happening. Humiliation Supreme is like classic Symphony X a great melodious riff played over a frantic verse riff to ensure complete mind fuckery. The vocals soar alongside as well. Nothing Lasts Forever is slower, the piano leading the way, with shifts and turns key to the melody. Katana-Opium is heavy, brutal and melodic, shifting and turning with the wind. Through The Eyes Of A Killer is angry, aggressive and fusion like. The Farmer’s Tale Pt 2 has melodies galore, a piercing riff and some serious rhythm appreciation, a brilliant finish.

The album is out on August 3rd via Vicisolum Records / Sound Pollution

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