Pharaoh- After The Fire Review

After The Fire begins with some nice little triplets on the guitar, as the distortion begins kicking in, the song moves into a nice little moveable riff, the vocals soar and the band sound incredibly tight. It is very easy to remember why this album became such a classic following its initial release. Flash Of The Dark is slower more contemplative, with the bass adding that extra touch of something being there, but not quite there. As it picks up speed it becomes heavier and darker. Forever Free is filled with energy, the riffs move and shake and groove together quite nicely. Heart Of The Enemy is slow, reflective and in some instances quite dark, bringing energy and darkness to the fore.

Solar Flight moves quite quickly, filled with the sort of energy that early Maiden used to have, and as such it is quite the delight. Singing its praises through and through, galloping and tearing a new hole in the sonic room. Now Is The Time is another Maiden inspired number, fast, energetic with all the melody you can bring together, a fascinating tale. Never Not Again is slower, with a heated image, and melody, building up to a sense of despair, but combined with urgency. Slaves is out right fast rocker, metal as it was supposed to be unfiltered by any other constraints.

The album is out on 31st August via Cruz Del Sur Music.


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