Night Demon-Live Darkness Review


A live album in this day and age is just as bold and brave as it was back in the 1970s, back then they were a rarity, now they’re a standard set piece, but getting the quality and the feel right is just as important, if not more so. Night Demon deliver 23 tracks of unfiltered metal and rock and roll on this live album.

Welcome To The Night is filled with energy, the guitars are focused, the vocals are fierce and the band sound as if they’re having a lot of fun. Full Speed Ahead delivers fierce pace and energy, snarling right out of the gate. Ritual has a little bit of that fun and go side to it, a nice hooky riff that gets the crowd moving. Curse Of The Damned is a nice little call and response, with an infectious beat, and a slamming riff and groove. Dawn Rider hammers itself home, beating the literal shit out of the listener’s eardrums. Save Me Now is slower, filled with energy and harmonies.

Hallowed Ground is an interesting shift, filled with energetic riffs, the energy purely bounds up and down, reflecting the energy within the band themselves. Maiden Hell is led by an absolutely irresistible riff, filled with energy, soul and fire. Mastermind is another absolute belter of a song, brimming with energy. On Your Own starts with solid drum patterns and continues with energy and grace. Life On The Run has a fierce riff, and some serious groove. The Howling Man is fast, energetic, melodic and filled with subtle variations making it one hell of a song.

Black Widow comes barrelling out with the harmonised riffs, the soaring melodies, and the dancing grooves, promising so much and delivering it all. Ancient Evil is a good old fashioned rocker, moving, shaking and grooving with the best of them. Satan is a classic rocker, moving with big riffs and snarling through on the vocals. Evil Like A Knife is fast, a song that gets the crowd going. Stranger In The Room is slower, more anthemic, and definitely a great song to be played live.

Screams In The Night, call and response, frenetic riffs, blistering energy all throughout. Flight Of The Manticore moves with energy and grace, the riffs dancing throughout. The Chalice is slower, more thoughtful and just as menacing. Darkness Remains starts soft and then gets gradually heavier, reflecting the nuance of the song on record perfectly. Heavy Metal Heat pounds its way through. Night Demon is energetic and a fitting closer.

The album meets all the criteria for a good live album, energetic, audience participation and authenticity. The album is out August 10th via Steamhammer/SPV.

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