Aeolian-Silent Witness Review

Immensity starts off with some solid riffage, the hammering patterns and the link with the drums really feeds well into this, then comes the snarl, and things get even heavier from there. The End Of Ice is a haunting and chilling song, drive by a thumping riff and a solid snarling vocal line. Chimera is fast paced, and snarling, filled with energy and ferocity. My Stripes Is Sadness is a mix of melody, chaos and downright energy, building on something both pure and aggressive. Return Of The Wolf King begins softly, with the acoustics building on a melody, creating the sense that something heavy is about to come. When the guitars kick in snarling, it becomes evident that that is exactly the case. Going To Extinction is furious, hammering home with abundant energy.

Elysium moves and slithers, the guitars creating an interesting little pattern that could well generate some serious coverage during a live performance. It snarls with the vocals and the instrumentation. Wardens Of The Sea has a very bluegrass feel to it, slithering in, and building into something heavier as the distortion kicks in. The Awakening is soft, and thoughtful, reflecting the gap for air. Black Storm is riff heavy and a blinding song, filled with energy. Witness is furious, more thrash than death metal, and downright hypnotising. Oryx is galloping, dark and frenetic, a fitting closer.

The album is out on 12th September via Snow Wave Records.

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